My Favorite Web Resources

Ink and Quill

Sometimes I think I subscribe to way too many writing newsletters-it can all be a little overwhelming, as my inbox fills with endless writing advice, tips and tricks, secrets, commandments, and magical spells. It’s enough to make my head spin. I’ve culled a few of my favorites here, the ones that help me the most.

  • Funds for Writers.  I mentioned this site in a previous blog called My Favorite Writing books. It’s run by C. Hope Clark, a mystery writer out of South Carolina. Hope has done us a tremendous favor by gathering legitimate, paying markets for our work, listing all manner of contests for poetry and prose, sources for grants and crowdfunding, writing jobs, freelance markets, and publishers looking for submissions. I found the Chicken Soup for the Soul contest here for my first published piece. I received a free one-year subscription to the full version for buying her book The Shy Writer (highly recommended for us introverted types); otherwise it’s a well-invested $15 per year. A truncated free version is also available.


  • Writers Digest. I subscribe to the hard copy magazine, as well as the online newsletter. It delivers a host of writing articles, books, courses, tutorials, info on conferences, and WD contest announcements. My very first contest entry placed in their Annual Writing Competition in 2013, so besides being informative and entertaining, its close to my  heart. It also includes writing prompts to make things fun and spur your creativity.
Writers Digest
My name’s in this one! And I love Anne Rice.
  • Submit Write Now! by Writer’s Relief. Writing takes up a lot of time. Submitting that work for possible publication and formatting to each market’s specifications can take even longer. Writer’s Relief saves you some of that time by doing the research for you, and depending on which suite of services you choose (from $150 to $589+), will send you a list of literary markets to submit to, or send them for you, based on their evaluation of your story. I tried the least expensive service (“a la carte” for $150), and they sent me a list of 25 markets they thought my story might fit into. I’ve heard back from most of them, and so far, no luck. Would I recommend it to other writers? Sure, if you have the extra cash lying around. But I find their free newsletter Submit Write Now more useful, with articles on everything from how to submit, literary agents, author websites, blogging, contests and more.

Writers Relief

  • Winning Writers. This is another great newsletter that points you in the direction of legitimate contests for poetry and prose, and lists markets for writers in various stages of their writing career (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Several times a year they hold their own writing contests for fiction and essay, poetry, humor, and self-published books.

Winning Writers

All these publications have been useful to me on this writing journey. Without them, I’d still be writing my stories in isolation, and consigning them to the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Writing isn’t just about writing (that’s the fun part!), but there’s some good information on the web to make the business side of writing a little easier, and to get your work out there.

What about you? What are your favorite web resources for writers? What can’t you live without? Leave a comment, and we’ll talk about it!


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