Social Media Madness

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So once I decided to blog, I realized I probably needed to get involved in various other social media, as well. Not only to expand my blog’s reach, but to use the medium in other ways that might help create my “platform”. Believe me, it doesn’t come naturally to this old Gen-Xer.

I’d already had a Facebook page, sadly underused. I have a total of about 35 friends, mostly family. It’s primarily my way of keeping up with what’s going on in my family’s life, and letting them know what’s going on in mine. I can’t really see what good it can do my writing at this point. I’ve linked it to the blog, and a few family  members might get a kick out of it. But that’s about it. I think Facebook becomes more important if you actually start selling books, and have actual fans. But building a base? Not really.

Before the blog, I had no interest in Twitter whatsoever. But I think it’s been helpful in garnering a few followers (I have a grand total of 5). When I signed up, I had no idea how it worked, or how it would help me. I thought it odd that total strangers started following me, but of course, that’s how it works. It’s how people meet each other these days . I have about 120 followers, and follow about 200. I understand there’s a way to “buy” followers on Twitter, but that seems like cheating. I’d like to build my base organically, one follower at a time. It’s linked to the blog, of course, and I make a few tweets now and then, usually writer quotes, or replying to someone else’s tweet. I still have a lot to learn there.

Me trying to figure out Twitter.


And then there’s Pinterest. I wasn’t really sure how this site would help my writing, but once I waded in, I didn’t really care. I could spend hours scrolling through pins, from quotes on books and writing, to funny memes of favorite TV shows and movies. I actually have to limit myself on time spent there (okay, you have twenty minutes on this, go!) or I’ll fritter away my time and accomplish very little. I do get most of my images for the blog here; and I created a board to visualize my novel-in-progress, Wolf Dream, which was fun. I’m having problems with links in my posts right now, but if you’re curious to see it, there’s a link to it in my About page that works.

bean pinterest
Seriously, I have a problem.



I just recently linked the blog to Google+, but admittedly don’t know much about it. I’m still exploring it. It seems like a combination of the above sites, which only confuses me. But I’m determined to figure it out in time, and make the most of it.

There’s plenty of other social media sites out there–Instagram, Linked In, Snap Chat, tons of others I know nothing about. I think I’ll stick with the above for awhile and see where they take me.

What about you? Do you love social media, or see it as a necessary evil? What’s your favorite social media site? Leave a comment, and we’ll talk about it!



2 thoughts on “Social Media Madness

  1. I wish it were still 1950. Well, it’s not, so I, too, have been told that “building an author platform” is important. I was on FB from 2009 until August 2014 to do those silly FB things. I went “cold turkey” and applied what had been way to much time to FB to writing. I went back to FB in late October to promote my blog. I also joined Twitter around the same time. I also post the blog to Google+. I haven’t a clue whether any of this matters. I’ve got query letters out, and I’m writing. Provided I don’t let all of these suck too much time out of me, I don’t see any harm in having some bricks in the foundation of the “platform.”

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