Big Week in My TV World

This upcoming week (January 24-30) is bracketed by the return of two of my favorite shows.

January 24th sees the much talked about return of The X-Files. I loved this show in the nineties, and it’s been about that long since I’ve watched it. I remember a lot of the stand-alone shows, but the whole alien conspiracy thing? I didn’t understand it even back then. But who cares? It’s Mulder and Scully! I Want To Believe that the new shows (a mere “6 episode event”) will be as fun, creepy and entertaining as the original. Fingers crossed.

X files
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson


On January 29, Grimm returns from its short winter hiatus to continue its fifth season. I have loved this show from day one, about a Portland, Oregon cop named Nick Burckhardt who can see the “monsters” around us, people who are actually creatures called “Wesen”. It’s difficult to explain the entire mythology built around this premise, but I’m firmly on board, and look forward to its return. Despite its dark and sometimes violent storylines, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a quirky tone that I like. It helps that David Giuntoli is the sweetest eye candy on TV.

Grimm show
David Giuntoli as Nick.


These two shows will keep me busy until April, when Game of Thrones returns for Season 6, AND WE FIND OUT IF JON SNOW LIVES.



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