As a writer, I try to increase and diversify my vocabulary. I own several dictionaries and one massive thesaurus (The Synonym Finder: JI Rodale). These books, of course, are extremely helpful, and I couldn’t live without them, but there are times when I wish I was familiar with the more obscure words of the English language.

I subscribe to a couple of newsletters that email me a word every week: A Word A Day, and Dictionary.com. The problem is, I’ll read the email with its definition, etymology, and usage, and then promptly forget the word altogether. I need something that will help it stick in my brain, so that when I reach for that perfect word, I can find it.

So I thought I might offer a weekly word here on the blog that may not be too familiar and try to use it in a sentence or two, to help cement it in my brain. Readers are encouraged to come up with their own examples and share it here.

I came across this word on Dictionary.com and thought it interesting:

Tenebrific: adjective; producing darkness.

Here are my sentences:

  1. The tenebrific oil slick crept across the bay like an evil sea creature.
  2. The UFO cast its tenebrific shadow across the city, poised to strike.
  3. The eclipse mesmerized us with tenebrific eeriness.

I could also use these as writing prompts, as first lines.

What amazing sentences can you come up with?




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