Why Am I Not Watching These Shows?

Okay, I already know the reason: time. Generally, I can only watch and keep up with two shows at a time (right now, that’s Grimm and X-Files); but then again, there’s always the summer hiatus to catch up and discover new ones. This summer, I vow to watch at least two of the following:

  • Downton Abbey. As a fan of the Forsyte Saga, this seems a no-brainer. There’s something satisfactory about getting caught up in the troubles of upper-crust rich people-it proves once again that money can’t buy happiness.
  • downton two
  • Vikings. This History Channel original looks highly entertaining (if not historically accurate?) and even appeals to my hard-to-please husband. If he likes Game of Thrones, I think he’ll like this one.
  • vikings
  • Once Upon A Time. This show about fairy tale characters in real life appeals to the Grimm fan in me. It looks to be Grimm’s alternate reality sister-show.
  • once upon a time
  • The Walking Dead. I’m not a zombie fan, but as my sister keeps reminding me, “It’s not about the zombies.” It’s about human beings surviving in a world destroyed by, well, zombies. I get that. I’m willing to give zombies a chance, seeing how Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is coming out soon, and I just can’t help myself-I have to see it.
  • walking dead

What about you? Do you love (or hate) any of these shows? What would you recommend? Leave a comment, and we’ll talk about it!


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