Lilly’s List II

I really enjoyed listing a few of Lilly’s favorite books in Lilly’s List, and she got a kick out of it, too. We’ve acquired a few more great books since then, so I thought I’d share them here again.

Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans.


Lilly got this classic book for her birthday from her Aunt Cindy in February, and she loves it. I think it’s the rhyming and the simple, colorful illustrations that appeal to her. Oh, and the fact that Madeline has to go to the hospital, and afterword she has a scar. If I had known about that, I would have gotten if for her sooner!

The Day The Crayons Came Home, by Drew Daywalt.

crayons came home

A follow-up to another of Lilly’s favorites, The Day the Crayons Quit. This time around, Duncan gets letters from crayons he’s lost or left behind in various places-maroon under the couch cushions, or glow in the dark green in the cellar, for example. Our favorite is tan-or is it burnt sienna?-who gets eaten by the dog and puked back up again. Fun!

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin.

Dragons love tacos

Another birthday gift from her cool Aunt Cindy. Did you know that dragons love tacos? Indeed, they do, but they HATE hot salsa. If you give them hot salsa-KaBoom! Lilly doesn’t like tacos, but she loves this book.

Nic and Nellie, by Astrid Sheckels.

nic and nellie book

Okay, I’ll admit it-Lilly likes this book, but I love it more, I think, for the beautiful illustrations and the sweet story of a girl who stays with her grandparents alone for the first time on a New England island (I’m guessing Martha’s Vineyard). At first, Nic is homesick, but eventually she and her dog Nellie find friends and fun adventures on the island. This book has the added bonus of being signed by the author herself; Astrid Sheckels is a local author who went to Author’s Night at Lilly’s school in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday

These are just a few of our favorites these days. I’m sure I’ll do more Lilly lists in the future!



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