10 Things I’ve Learned Working in a Supermarket


  1. There are two kinds of boring: slow boring, and busy boring. I prefer busy boring, but at least during slow boring I can jot down these blog notes.
  2. I don’t eat nearly as much vegetables as most people. Considering the amount of produce I’m ringing through, I can’t believe the stats that say Americans don’t eat enough.
  3. On the other hand, people eat the strangest things: calf livers, pig tongues, pig feet, pig ears (I’m surprised I haven’t seen an entire pig come through the line), tripe, fish heads. Blech.
  4. I’ve lived in this town way too long, based on the number of people I know coming through the line. People I graduated high school with are especially mortifying to see.
  5. My coworkers have taught me that young people (teens, early twenties) aren’t as annoying as I thought. They’re actually quite sweet, and I feel myself going all maternal on them. Because I’m so old,
  6. I’m the only person in the world who knows how to count change back. Despite my age,
  7. I’m often annoyed-but secretly pleased-when people ask me if I’m old enough to ring up alcohol. Yes, but only by about 24 years.
  8. People are serious about those sale items that save them 20 cents. If it rings up wrong, you can be sure they’ll let you know. Speaking of annoying people,
  9. I’ll never go into a store two minutes before it closes ever again.
  10. There are many kinds of people out there (the good, the bad, and the insane), and I’ve learned to smile at them all.



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