Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

So I’ve been “nominated” to answer some questions from fellow bloggers Sarah Mitchell-Jackson and Jenna Brownson for the Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award. I have no idea what that is or if it even ends in an award, but it sounds fun. I thought I’d combine their questions in one post, so although it’s a bit long, you’ll just have to deal with it. Ready? Here we go:

From Sarah:

What is your favourite breakfast?

I usually have a small bowl of cold cereal, like Mueslix or Life. If I run out of milk, I’ll have plain yogurt with honey and raisins.

What is the shortest piece you’ve ever written?

I’ve written a flash fiction piece about a girl who finds a dragon egg. It’s about 300 words. I’ve been trying to get up the courage to post it on the blog, but it’s kind of a downer and I hate to ruin someone’s day.

Why did you start blogging?

All the usual reasons about “platform”, but now I do it for many other reasons: connecting with other writers, finding my voice, and simply because it’s fun.

What is your desk like?

I sit at an old computer desk I bought a long time ago (and put together myself, I’ll have you know). Around and behind the laptop is a bunch of paperwork that needs attention, my to-do list, and a few writing books I should open more often: Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, and J.I. Rodale’s Synonym Finder. To my left are two candle jars (brown sugar & cinnamon, and vanilla cake), a box of tissues, and a couple of plastic dishes with my husband’s colored marbles in them (not sure why). To my right the printer sits on top of a small baker’s rack that is now Lilly’s cupboard full of her “stuff”.

Who or what inspires you to write?

All the books I’ve ever read and loved.

Outside social media, how many writers do you know?

Zilch. Not well, anyway. There’s my old community college adviser who now self-publishes his mysteries and sells them at the local bookstore, and I say hello to him now and then. Oh, and there’s a poet named Vince I talk to now and then at the food co-op. He writes haiku. I’m still looking for a good writer’s group in my area.

What do you read?

I have eclectic tastes, from the classics to contemporary and literary fiction, as well as some fantasy and magical realism (I’m picky in those genres). I’m getting more interested in memoir and personal essays lately.

What would you do if you didn’t write?

Learn how to cook.

What do you tell your family when you’re working on something?

I don’t go into details about what I’m writing; I just say, You can read it when it’s done.

What’s your favourite word and why?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I like funny-sounding words like susurrus and whirligig.

From Jenna:

What’s the best book you “had” to read, ie, a school assignment?

Jane Eyre in ninth grade English class. I love it to this day.

What else do you write, besides your blog?

I write mostly short stories in the fantasy/speculative genre. I’ve got a few first drafts of fantasy novels that are in the proverbial drawer, and some fantasy novellas that I’d like to publish to Amazon soon. Lately I’ve become interested in the personal essay, and have been learning about that form and thinking about entering some essay contests.

How do you like your coffee?

Dunkin Donuts decaf with two creams. Occasionally I’ll get Cumberland Farms decaf with cream, but DD is my favorite. I never brew my own, because it just doesn’t taste the same.

What is your day job, and what kind of education/training did you receive for it?

I work 15 hours a week at a local grocery store, on the cash register. Many, many years of intensive education and training for this job. Just kidding. I just showed up and they shadowed me for a couple of days. Proud to say I’ve memorized quite a few codes and basically know what I’m doing. I have a two-year degree in Accounting, and I used to do taxes and bookkeeping, but realized I’d rather die than do that any longer.

What do you do for exercise?

I’m a walker. If I have errands to do and it’s a nice day, I walk. My husband and I try to take several long walks together during the week, but we’ve been waiting for better weather. I’d like to do some more hiking this spring, summer and fall.

I’m supposed to come up with my own 10 questions for 10 other bloggers, but I’m going to further denude this blogging chain mail letter and reduce it to five:

  1. Do you keep a journal or writer’s notebook?
  2. E-books or print books?
  3. Who are your beta readers?
  4. What is  your most vivid childhood memory?
  5. What’s your favorite movie?

I now nominate:

Ashley, who blogs at Quiet As Its Kept.

Donna Henderson, who blogs at alittlebirdtweets.

Rebecca Kinnebrew, who blogs at Becca, Brewing.

Fionn Grant, who blogs at Lionaroundwriting.

And Jenna Brownson, if you’re up to it, go for it. If you’re sick of it, I get it.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

  1. I’ll play here:

    Do you keep a journal or writer’s notebook?
    No. Sadly, I keep (and lose) most of it in my head.

    E-books or print books?
    Print. I tried a kindle once and hated it.

    Who are your beta readers?
    Family (F-I-L and sister) and a handful of smart friends.

    What is your most vivid childhood memory?
    The time I tried to use centrifugal force to keep my birthday cake on its platter and managed to flip it–frosting side down–on to a set of stairs in my house. It was 1978 and an R2-D2 cake. It was a sad, sad moment.

    P.S. That was only four (not the threatened five) questions.

    Liked by 1 person

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