A Book Lover’s Cornucopia


I am now the proud owner of a Kindle e-reader.

I can remember the time when I scorned electronic books. How can a mere machine deliver the same experience as an actual book? The heft of the book, the flurry of the pages, the smell of paper and ink. Reading is a full sensory experience, not just words on a page (or a screen). I’ll never give up my paper books! I proclaimed.

And I never will. But…

Ever since forming the book club with my sister and niece, I’m finding that an e-reader could be a handy thing to have. Once we decide on a book to read, I need to get my hands on a copy so I can start reading. The first place I go is the library in my town. Sometimes I can get a copy of the book. Sometimes I can’t. If I can’t, my next stop is the local used book store. This store has piles and piles of books on every subject you can possibly think of-but it doesn’t always have the book I’m looking for.

My next stop after this is the local independent bookstore to buy new. Now, I like to do my part and support not only independent bookstores, but the writers themselves, and buying new is the best way to do that. But it’s not something I can do all the time. Our latest book, The Bookman’s Tale, cost me $17.99 for a paperback. Ouch.

An e-reader suddenly became much more desirable.

So although most of our tax refund money is going to much-needed car repairs, I carved out a little bit for a Kindle, in the name of furthering my writer’s toolbox (reading is important, after all). And the basic model, without all the bells and whistles, is fairly reasonable at $80, so I felt justified in also purchasing a warranty and a nice leather case for it. It came in yesterday, and I’m just starting to delve into its wonders. Instant books at my fingertips, with less expensive price tags-how could I not have seen how wonderful this is?

Having said that, I’m by no means near giving up reading actual books. Just yesterday, the local used bookstore mentioned above had a “We’re off our meds” sale-50% off every book in the store. How could I resist? I came out clutching an armful of books for $15:

  • The Gargoyle, by Andrew Davidson. This book is on our book club list, so I bought it just in case.
  • A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway. I’m a little enamored of the whole Lost Generation writer and artist set.
  • One Writer’s Beginnings, by Eudora Welty. I haven’t read any of her novels, but I’m always interested in how writers are formed.
  • Small Wonder, essays by Barbara Kingsolver. I loved her novel The Bean Trees.
  • The Best American Essays, circa 2004. I’m trying to read more personal essays and creative nonfiction.

All in all, it’s been a very good week for this book lover.




5 thoughts on “A Book Lover’s Cornucopia

    1. Is there anything specific you hate about it, or do you just hate the experience? I’m loving it so far. I discovered I can borrow an e-book from my local library and download it onto my Kindle, all from home. That’s cool.

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