Dream Destination

Now that school vacation week is upon us again, I decided I needed to come up with some fairly quick and easy blog posts for this week, as I’ll be busy with my daughter. At first, I thought I’d come up with some lists (as I love lists), like favorite blogs, favorite movies, etc, but realized how incredibly boring that would be, not to mention me-centric.

Enough about me. What about you, dear readers? I’ve come up with some (I hope) interesting questions for any of you out there who care to share.

My first question is: if you could go anywhere in the world that you haven’t been, where would it be and why? It has to be some place you’ve never been before.

Since I’ve never been anywhere, I had quite a few places to choose from, but if I had to pick one, I’d go to


because it’s so beautiful and so Green


It’s also home to the

U2 ireland
best band in the world.

I’ve got some Irish blood in me on my dad’s side, so I’d love to see where some of my ancestors have lived.

So what about you? What’s your dream destination? Share if you’d like, and give me some deets on why!










2 thoughts on “Dream Destination

  1. Do you know why it’s so green in Ireland? Because it rains. All the time. However, it is beautiful and you should go!

    I want to go to Alaska. It’ll have to be in summer because I’m not a fan of cold.

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    1. I can deal with some rain. And yes, I think Alaska would be best in summer, not only because of the cold, but it’s also dark most hours of the day in winter. An Alaskan cruise sounds fun to me!


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