Quirky Query

In my quest to keep my blog posts quick, easy, and reader-friendly during this school vacation week, I have another question for you, dear readers.

Monday, I asked you about your Dream Destination.

Today, I have a quirky query for you: Is there something peculiar about you that’s slightly embarrassing? Some quirk or habit that you’re a little ashamed of, but can’t quite stop?

Here’s mine: I’m addicted to


It’s true. I have several tubes stashed around the house, and always have one in my pants pocket. If I happen to leave the house without it, my lips instantly shrivel upon realization. I often find myself, without thought, reaching down to dig it out of my pocket and slather it on, even if I don’t need it. But I often need it. After eating, drinking, brushing my teeth, kissing, whatever. It’s embarrassing.

What about you? What’s weird about you? Care to share?


5 thoughts on “Quirky Query

  1. One weird thing I do is listen to the same song on repeat on the way to work every morning. Not the same song every day, mind you (that would be outrageous).

    I just get stuck on the same song for a few days then move on to another. Currently stuck on Music for a Found Harmonium by Patrick Street.

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  2. If the temperature is over 45 degrees, I drive with the convertible top down on my 2000 VW Cabrio. I’m sure people see this and think I’m a little weird. I don’t care. The wind in my hair makes even an otherwise dreadful trip to the grocer not quite as tedious.

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