Cartoon Craziness

On this school vacation week, I have some fun questions for you, dear readers, while I’m busy playing with my daughter.

On Monday, I asked about your Dream Destination.

On Tuesday, I had a Quirky Query for you.

Today, I’m wondering: what was your favorite cartoon as a child?

For me, it was a toss up between

looney tunes


superfriends 2

These two shows (and maybe some Smurfs) glued me to my television set for a few hours on Saturday mornings. Looney Tunes is where I got my goofy sense of humor; Superfriends entertained me with (what I thought was) epic storytelling and the struggle between heroes and villains, long before Justice League or the DC comics movie franchise, although I’d probably cringe watching it today (Wonder Twin powers, activate!). Looney Tunes is timeless, and I’d watch it with Lilly right now if I could!

What cartoons did you enjoy as a child (or still enjoy)?



4 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness

  1. My all-time favorite cartoon remains something I can enjoy to this day: Scooby-Doo. While it got watered down over time, the first five years, or so, of that show are incredible.

    We bought complete seasons for my daughter when she was young and were able to enjoy this cartoon as much with her as my wife and I liked it back when we were the same age.

    It stands the test of time!

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    1. I remember watching Tom and Jerry, and my big brother would turn it down so he could strum on his guitar, and I’d get so mad. There’s something to be said about sound effects, though he had a point. I wasn’t missing anything.

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