Refilling the Well

So here we go again: my fourth round of strep. For some reason, this particular bug has taken up residence in my body and won’t let go. After taking penicillin/amoxycillin the last few bouts, I’m hoping the Z-pack I’m on now will kill it for good. I’ve been going to the CVS clinic for treatment, but it’s due time I call my primary care physician and ask her the insightful medical question: What the hell is my problem?

Anyway, I feel it’s a good time for me to take a small break on the blog, just a couple of weeks, to get better (and hopefully stay better), clean my house (I feel contaminated), cook some soups (nourish my body). I’m beta-reading a book for a writer friend, and I want to wrap that up and get some good feedback to her. And I’ll write, of course. I have some ideas I want to kick around for a few essays. Maybe they’ll end up here when I come back.

I’ll still check in here on WordPress and read and comment on other blogs. It’s just part of my day now. But as for my own, the well needs to be refilled. See you then!



6 thoughts on “Refilling the Well

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re battling strep. I came down with it a couple of weeks back myself. I opted not to take the antibiotic–for various reasons (I didn’t feel so sick that I wanted to; I wanted to fight it off myself; I didn’t want to kill off my good “flora.”)

    My doctor prescribed me the antibiotic when I was diagnosed regardless of my representation that I wasn’t going to take it. Well nine days after I started feeling sick, I went to the pharmacy to get the Rx fully committed to taking it because I’d realized that I wasn’t 100% better and was tired of feeling run down.

    On Monday night when I went to take it, I saw that it was amoxicillin, which if I took it would likely put me in the hospital due to an acute allergy. The next day I was feeling better and decided to just power through.

    I’m about 90% now and have decided that I’ll ask that a non-fatal Rx be called in if I’m not better in the next couple of days. (I’m still doing everything I would anyhow so it doesn’t seem so bad.)

    Anyhow, this long-winded reply is to endorse to you this:

    Yes, that’s A LOT of garlic, but I’ll tell you that when I was feeling my worst, it made me feel better.

    So if you’re making soup and reading about Ray and Callie’s adventures, garlic soup might be a good companion to that pastime.

    Feel better!

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    1. Thanks, Jenna. I’ve been wondering if all the antibiotics I’ve been taking has been compounding the problem by killing all my good bugs. But I suspect your immune system is a lot stronger than mine and can “power through” better than I can. It really knocks me down. Thanks for the recipe, it might be a good idea to try it!

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