The Well is Full

water in bucket

So I’ve been away from the blog and writing for two weeks to “refill the well”, and I can honestly say that it did me some good.

This little vacation didn’t totally consist of goofing off. Really. I researched home remedies for strep throat, in the event my persistent case came back again, concluding that I was done with antibiotics no matter what. I’m relieved it hasn’t come back so far, since I wasn’t looking forward to apple cider vinegar gargles and honey-garlic-cayenne pepper pastes to swab onto my misbehaving tonsils. Lilly was having some bladder problems which turned out to be a bacterial infection, and so she has been on some antibiotics this past week. I cleaned and purged a few things from my apartment. I’m reading two books right now (The City of Mirrors, by Justin Cronin, and The Ice Twins, by S.K. Tremayne), and finished beta reading for a writer friend (my first experience doing so, and something I recommend all writers do at some point).

All the while, I thought about which direction I wanted to go in at the end of the break. Blogging has been the only consistent writing I’ve done in the past six months, and while I love it, I feel it’s time to focus more on my fiction writing. I’ve been away from it long enough to miss it, while I’ve tooled around with blogging and essay writing. And while reading my writer friend’s novel, I thought, Right. This is what I should be doing, too.

Two days ago I dug out my rough draft of Wolf Dream, the novel I finished during NaNoWriMo last November. Well, I can’t properly call it a novel, since it’s only 150 pages long and 60,000 words. A novella, at this point. I sat down and read through it in a few hours. I love it. Oh, it needs a ton of work, but I adore this story. I’m eager to delve back into it and make it better, to make this story really come alive. And that’s what I’ve been waiting for: to fall back in love with fiction again. Several months ago, I’d lost that loving feeling, and wondered if it would ever come back. But like any marriage (and I’m married to this writing thing now, for better or for worse), you have to weather the ups and downs and trust that the love is still there, deep down in the well.

So my goal for the summer is to work on revising Wolf Dream, put some meat on it, and have it ready to put out for feedback in the fall. And blogging? I’ll still be here, but I think I’ll be scaling it down to one post per week. I’ll try to make it interesting, I promise.


2 thoughts on “The Well is Full

  1. I’m so pleased that you found some spark in beta reading. I, too, have to fill up the weel so that I can get back to writing and away from editing.

    FYI: I’d love to beta read Wolf Dream once you’re ready for readers.

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