I should be writing, but…

My husband has been away for a week camping (I’ve long since stopped sleeping on the ground), and you know what they say: when daddy is away, mommy gets the remote. So instead of dozing on the couch next to hubby during a Red Sox game (or working on that manuscript), I’m staying up late catching up on some shows and movies I’ve been wanting to watch. Here’s a list of the things I’ve been losing sleep over for the past week:

  • The Martian. I read the book  a few months ago, and thought it would make a much better movie. It did. I thoroughly enjoyed the film version with Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, and Jessica Chastain. The viewer accepts that Mark Watney is super-smart and knows what he’s doing with the math and tech stuff, instead of having to read through it all in the book.
  • the martian image
  • The Danish Girl. I discovered Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything, and knew he’d be equally brilliant in this film about a male Danish painter in 1920’s Copenhagen who felt he was born a woman in a man’s body. The story of Einar Wegener, with the help of his painter wife, Gerde, transforming into Lili Elbe (and undergoing one of the world’s first sex-change operations) is moving and amazing.
  • danish girl movie
  • The Walking Dead. I’ve watched the first five episodes of Season One, and despite some initial doubt, have been sucked in thoroughly. I can’t get my  husband interested, even though there’s gallons of blood, it’s gritty like Game of Thrones, and about survival like Lost (two of our favorites), so I’m on my own here. Quality television. I still laugh at the zombies, though.
  • walking dead show

I also spent one night cleaning up my daughter’s extreme diarrhea, but I’ll spare you the details on that one; better to think about WD’s slippery entrails. I’m not kidding.

What have you been watching? Fans of the above? Drop a line and we’ll talk about it!




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