Star Trek: Beyond

star trek beyond

Is it me, or does it seem like the Enterprise gets destroyed in every Star Trek movie ever made? Maybe not, but I had that funny feeling of deja vu as this incarnation tumbled out of the sky to crash and burn on an alien planet, the crew scattered and confused, but up to the challenge in typical Starfleet fashion.

Despite this familiar trope, I did enjoy Star Trek Beyond for what it was: a space adventure with our favorite Federation crew. Well, okay, Picard/Riker had been my favorite captain/number one for a long time, until this hot new Kirk/Spock pairing came along. At any rate, although Beyond doesn’t have the emotional heft of Star Trek or Into Darkness, it delivered on sci-fi action and the witty character banter we’ve come to love and expect.

Having been lured to this planet on a supposed rescue mission, the Enterprise is attacked by a swarm of bee-like ships, and it crashes in spectacular fashion. Kirk (Chris Pine) realizes the resident lizard-like alien Krall (Idris Elba) is after an ancient artifact they’d been storing after a failed diplomatic mission. His crew is also being used by Krall as some kind of weird energy suck. So their mission is three-fold: keep the artifact out of Krall’s hands, rescue the crew, and find a way off the planet.

Help comes in the form of an alien named Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), who has been stuck on the planet for years ever since her own people had been lured there by Krall. She’d been living in an abandoned Starfleet ship called the Franklin, and you just know that Scotty (Simon Pegg) will get the old ship in flying mode again.

kirk spock bones
Karl Urban (Bones), Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) in Beyond

There’s some personal struggles thrown in, like Kirk contemplating a desk job and Spock breaking up with Uhura to focus on rebuilding Vulcan culture. But after their adventure with Thrall, they decide to keep on and finish their “5 year” mission. This Trek fan is glad to hear it, and is looking forward to more installments of their foray into the final frontier.




5 thoughts on “Star Trek: Beyond

      1. Sometimes you wonder why they just don’t make them better/stronger to begin with. But as writers we know why, it’s in the plot to build suspense and create the sense of “will they/won’t they” with regards to the end. With a serial and canonized show like Star Trek it is even harder because we KNOW they live, or the series dies. They CAN get away with a lot, though, since they created this newest reboot as an alternative universe.

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