Maxfield Parrish

I’m not much of an art historian, nor do I have many works of art in my cluttery apartment. I do have, however, a Maxfield Parrish print on my living room wall called “Ecstasy”:


I also have one called “Morning”:


I adore Maxfield Parrish’s work. His paintings are, quite simply, gorgeous. I love his use of color and light, and his whimsical, neo-classical figures and subjects are right up my alley. Like the girls in the above images, they send me to a place of dreaming. Whenever I’m feeling down, frenzied, or lost, I just look at my “girls on the rocks” and take a deep breath. Everything will be okay. Just take in the world from your own personal perch, and let it all go.

Here’s a few more examples of his wonderful work:


What artwork inspires you?


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