One Year


Today marks the one year anniversary of my first post here on WordPress.

I was new to blogging and the concept of “platform”, and more than a little resentful of the whole idea of having to engage in social media in the first place. I was your typical pre-millenial curmedgeon, and came to blogging kicking and screaming and whining.

What a difference a year can make. In fact, I was only a few months in when I became totally smitten with the form. Now, I’m more likely to kick and scream and whine if I can’t get to my blog in any given week.

I started off cautiously optimistic: “Who knows? It might even be fun.” A few posts later I said, “This blog is a big step for me, and though I hope a bit of my personality shines through these posts, I’m keeping it more on the professional side…”. I’m glad I didn’t stick with that particular declaration, or I would have bored myself to death (and readers, too).

My posts have evolved from lists of favorite writing books and websites to broader lists of favorite-or not so favorite-things (Haven’t had a list for awhile, time to rustle another one up soon); movie reviews and general discussions of TV shows; book reviews (which will probably move from one-book posts to a summation of a group of books in one post); updates on what I’m currently working on or planning or doing in my writing world; and more intimate posts that are my attempt at mini personal essays. And while the blog will always have a little bit of all of these things, it’s the latter that I’m most interested in right now and will try to do more.

My posts are linked to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I really don’t do much else for social media. Facebook has always primarily been family members who, for the most part, don’t quite understand this writing thing (love you all anyway! But thank you Amber, Shelbea, and yes, you, Dave, for being loyal readers). Twitter just bores me. I love Pinterest, and use a lot of images from it for my posts, but I haven’t figured out how to use it to expand my following or get more of my writing out there. I’m aware that Instagram is big right now, but one really needs an iPhone with a good camera to take advantage of that medium, which I don’t have. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Ah, well. I’ve long since shifted my focus away from stats and followers, to what’s at the heart of the blog-my writing. If I can concentrate on that, then the readers will come. Or not. As it is, the small group of readers and writers that I have met here this past year is more than I ever could have asked for, and I thank them for travelling with me on this writing journey, particularly Jenna Brownsonwho has been with me almost from the start.

Here’s to another fun year of blogging!





3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Happy, happy anniversary. Mine is coming up in a few days and, like you, I was planning on making special mention of our blogger friendship that has evolved over this past year.

    It’s strange and intriguing how a handful of folks have come to “mean” something to me when we’ve only “met” in this forum. But I’ll tell you that I have come to appreciate the idea of people falling in love online because the connections I’ve made endorse that sort of affection.

    (Of course, there’s the risk that we might meet someday and fall out of love . . . until then, thank you and KEEP WRITING, Sister.)

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