Dump Books

I truly had no idea what to blog about today, and yet it’s Wednesday, a blog day, and so I must write something.

As I’m looking desperately around my cluttered apartment, my eye falls upon a stack of books on one of our little tables, books that have been accumulating dust for who knows how long. These are books that my husband has brought home over the past few years when he was helping his dad bring trash to the dump. Some may have come from tag sales, but I call them all “Dump books.” Here’s a partial list:

  • Reader’s Digest, Through Indian Eyes: The Untold Story of Native American Peoples.
  • The World’s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets
  • A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking
  • Murder at Gettysburg, by Leslie Wheeler
  • Diana, The People’s Princess: Her Royal Life in Pictures
  • Reader’s Digest, Explore America: Our Living History
  • Assholes: A Theory, by Aaron James
  • Time-Life Books Mysteries of the Unknown 3-book set: Mind Over Matter, Time and Space, and Phantom Encounters


Most of these have been at least partially looked through-my husband has been reading a lot about the health secrets lately; he’s read through all of the Time-Life books, I believe, and I keep thinking that someday I’ll use something out of them for a story. Hasn’t happened yet. I’ve leafed through the Indian book, as I’ve always been fascinated by Native American culture. The rest? Meh. I love Stephen Hawking, he’s a kind of hero to me, but you don’t think I can actually read his books, do you? And as intriguing as Assholes: A Theory sounds, I’ve yet to open the book up. Who can get through an entire book about assholes anyway? And though we have a healthy respect and love for Diana, I’m not sure why that one was brought home.

But that’s the fun thing about the dump books-I never know what will end up coming through our door. These are things I never would have picked up myself or taken any interest in, but even if I just thumb through them, I’m getting a glimpse of a different slice of life. So even though I often complain about adding to useless clutter, thanks, hubby, for opening my eyes to all manner of subjects and exposing me to new worlds and phenomena.

Maybe someday I will write that story from Phantom Encounters, or write about when I was in the fifth grade and was obsessed with learning about the different Indian tribes and their cultures. Maybe there really is some underlying purpose for assholes. With dump books, you never know what you might learn or accomplish!




2 thoughts on “Dump Books

  1. There’s something about those books! The one on the Native American’s does sound interesting. Of course the second after I read your post I looked over and noticed a book I’ve had on the shelf forever: Home organizing and closet makeovers. I’m sure when I got it I thought it was a great book. sigh. Well, maybe someday I’ll get to it. I really enjoyed this post! 🙂

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