The Plan


Tomorrow is the official start of NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. In years past, I’d be preparing for NaNoWriMo (the flashier National Novel Writing Month) with character sketches and a preliminary outline for my story. I’m not doing that this year, but I still see myself as a plotter rather than a pantser (NaNo-speak for one who likes to plot out stories rather than writing by the seat of one’s pants), so I’ve done a little prep work for the next 30 days of blog posting. My tentative outline looks like this:

Sundays: Blogs I Follow, in which I write a blurb about some of my favorite blogs.

Mondays: WordPress Writing Prompt, in which I free-write on the prompt provided by WordPress that shows up in my feed every day under The Daily Post.

Tuesdays: Writing Quote, in which I’ll riff on some writing quote that I found somewhere, probably on my Pinterest Writing board.

Wednesdays: Book or Movie Review. I have a few books and movies in the pipeline I’d like to review.

Thursdays: My Choice. Anything goes on this day, but I imagine I’ll post a few pieces from the recent memoir class I took, or lift something from my writing practice notebook.

Fridays: Short Stories. I have several short stories I wanted to put on the blog anyway, and Friday is the day.

Saturdays: Personal, in which I’ll post a picture or two of my family doing Something Really Cool, or maybe just ordinary stuff. A kind of “day off” from the Very Serious Work of Writing.

As November 1 loomed, I was getting a little panicky, but now that I have a plan in place, I feel better. I might even be able to do this. See you around the blogoshere!


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