Out the Window


I must be working very hard, then! Whether I’m at home sipping my green tea, or at any of the various cafes or coffee shops I write in, I’m often chewing on a pen (or twirling my hair), staring out the window. What am I seeing? Admittedly, sometimes I’m just people watching (still a worthy writerly pursuit). But often, I’m doing a little mind-digging. Chasing a memory down the halls of time. Trying to pin down a detail, flush out an emotion. If I’m writing fiction, I’m figuring out what my character is going to do next. What’s motivating him or her. Creating a backstory, a childhood, dreams, memories, moments. Fleshing out ghosts. I may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m in fact birthing worlds into being. And that’s pretty cool. The key is to actually transfer what’s going on in the gray matter onto the paper, and that’s the really hard part. But worth every moment of effort, the end result of all that staring.


5 thoughts on “Out the Window

  1. Great quote and wonderful post! This is the sort of thing that’s really good to hear. Why? Because we all do it. I’m a big fan of staring out the window, and I could relate to everything you mentioned. I’ve gotten into meditation, you know, where you sit and think of nothing! It’s good and I intend to keep doing it. But, I think staring out the window and allowing the writer-mind to follow whatever’s passing by is indeed one of the great pleasures of a writer’s life.

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    1. I’m great at staring out the window thinking of-well, lots of things. But meditation is challenging because it requires you to focus on just one thing (visual, word, breath, etc) or nothing at all. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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