WordPress daily prompt: “Irksome”

Wanna know what irks me? No? Well, here’s a list anyway:

  1. Chin whiskers (on me)
  2. Loud knocking on the door (BANGBANGBANGBANG!) Necessary?
  3. Cat puking on the floor. Yuck.
  4. Being interrupted because I’m “only writing”.
  5. Ambiguous (or unsatisfying)chin book endings.
  6. Strange dogs slobbering and jumping on me while owner just laughs or says “Oh, he likes you!”
  7. The assumption that I want to hear your entire phone conversation in the grocery store. Or anywhere.
  8. That hourglass symbol that comes up on your computer when it’s trying to load something and won’t go away…ever.
  9. Those who leave the toilet seat up. You know who you are.
  10. “Undecided” voters. Really?

Feel better? No? I do. Believe me, the list goes on and on. Luckily I won’t bore you any further.

What irks you? You know, those little things that get under your skin, rather than the shake-your-fist-at-the-heavens rage. Care to share?

Forgot this one.

7 thoughts on “Irksome

    1. You’re right, J.R. But I would think most of the polls are anonymous. I just find it a little puzzling that some people, this late in the day, are still unsure which way to go. Maybe “undecided” means “I just can’t vote for either of these candidates.” Which, of course, is totally understandable!

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      1. But how do pollsters reach you? Land lines, where they get older folks who might just be trying to start a conversation? I had that happen to me when I was an evil telemarketer. Or you get people who were trying to skew the polls because they’re pissed you interrupted whatever they were doing. Another way the poll is online, and people lie there just for fun. I’ve been known to become a 100 year old woman from the most random country in the world on those polls. LOL!! Point being, the polls are no longer as reliable. Also, factor in that they reach such a narrow margin of the electorate and no wonder you see what you do.

        Another factor to think about, HOW are the questions worded? As a Libertarian I get irked that the polls only give me an either/or option. If they don’t give another way to indicate my leaning I’ll say undecided. Oh, and when I say I’m a Libertarian I’ve had pollsters tell me they would mark me as undecided. This policy HAS to skew those numbers.

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      2. I’ve often wondered how accurate these “polls” are. Thanks for pointing all these things out. I’m glad I included this subject on my “irked” list, because now I know more about it. Thanks for educating me!

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