Blog Roll (#2)

Another writing blog I enjoy is Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

Kristen is a writer, blogger, social media guru, and all-around funny gal. She gives spot-on writing tips and helps writers navigate the nebulous world of “brand” and “platform”. She offers writing classes as well, such as Plotting for Dummies, Pitch Perfect-How to Write a Query Letter and Synopsis that Sells, and Blogging for Authors.

She’s the founder of WANAtribe (We Are Not Alone), a community of writers that support and encourage one another. Her book Rise of the Machines-Human Authors in a Digital World helps writers find success on social media.

I love Kristen’s down-to-earth, informative, and truly funny blog posts on writing, whether it’s on craft, marketing and promotion, social media, or just being a decent human being. Did I mention she’s funny?

I know you WANA check out her blog (I’m not funny, alas).


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