Blog Roll (#4)

The first three bog rolls I’ve shared concerned blogs dedicated to writing (Live to Write Write to Live, Kristen Lamb’s Blog, and Brevity). Now I’d like to share a few personal blogs I’ve been following for awhile. They all have their own voice and charm, and I look forward to seeing them in my feed:

Fifty Words Daily. Nick writes a witty little story everyday in-you guessed it-fifty words (sometimes more, sometimes less). Always entertaining.

Cats and Chocolate. Liz writes about books, writing, and her other passions in a thoughtful and sincere style that I was instantly drawn to. She’s also a cat (and chocolate) person, so I’m in.

Jenna Brownson. Jenna looks at the world through an existential lens, with honesty and compassion. She writes “upmarket” literary novels, and probing blog posts that I can chew on for a while.

Cafe Book Bean. Abbie Lu showcases all things books by listing favorites in different genres, interesting quotes, and “profound paragraphs”. I especially liked her spotlights on amazing bookstores, and “book towns”, something I’d never heard of until I read her blog. She also includes a recipe for a fitting beverage of coffee or tea with each post. Yum!

Head on over to these exceptional blogs and enjoy!








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