WordPress daily prompt: “Vigor”

It’s that special time of year again: cold and flu season. And though I’m knocking on wood as I’m typing this, I’ve haven’t been struck with any debilitating illness-yet. Of course I’ve had my flu shot. But the season is young, and the germs are out there waiting for me. What will it be this year? One year I ended up in the hospital for dehydration after puking my guts out. One year it was the endless choking of bronchitis. Last year I suffered through multiple bouts of strep throat. I just can’t wait to find out what miseries await me this season.

I’m trying to be proactive and prevent illness by drinking super orange Emergen-C. It provides 1000mg of Vitamin C per packet, along with 7 B vitamins and electrolytes.


If I drink this everyday, I should stay super-healthy, right?

Well, naturally there’s some debate as to how effective mega-doses of Vitamin C are in preventing illness. There’s some who swear by it, and those who say you just pee out what you don’t use, and it’s a waste of money. It might even be harmful. My husband is a little skeptical, and worries I’m overdosing on C.

“You sure you want to drink that everyday?” he asks.

“It’s just Vitamin C, it won’t kill me.”

“But maybe you should look it up, you know, make sure it won’t do more harm than good.”

I did look it up, and the jury’s still out. Some people get a little diarrhea, but that’s the extent of it, from what I can see. I haven’t had any problems, but I did compromise and now I’m only drinking it every other day.

Of course, there’s the crazy idea of just eating more fruits and vegetables, staying away from sugar, ramp up the exercise, etc. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. I do pretty well, actually, could always do better, but it seems to me that I need that little extra something to boost my “vigor”. Time will tell if the C makes a difference, and then at least I’ll know.

Have you tried Emergen-C to prevent illness? How did it work for you? I’d love to hear some feedback about this!



2 thoughts on “Vigor

  1. I think you’d be better off eating pounds of carrots and drinking gallons of OJ, but then you might not able to travel too far from a bathroom. Good luck staying well.

    (I have ginger “tea” with honey and lemon when I’m feeling something coming on. Grate fresh ginger root, pour boiling water over it, strain and drink.)

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