I Dream of TV

Have you ever been tempted to just give up all effort at writing (or whatever it is you do to make art) and just curl up on the couch with ice cream and watch TV the rest of your life? To just enjoy the fruits of other, more talented people’s imaginations?

Maybe it’s just the time of the year, with the combined effect of illness (Lilly’s or my own), snow days caused by weather, or the crunch of trying to get ready for the holidays, but I just can’t seem to get pen to paper lately (I’m writing this in a nearly deserted Dunkin Donuts on a Sunday evening at 4:45 p.m., in a stolen hour before I head home for dinner and Lilly potty time, the best I could do in nearly a week).

Of course this happens every December, and I sort of expect it-I’m just not going to get any writing done. At first I’m frustrated, but then a sort of numb resignation sets in, and I’m convinced I should just give it up already and settle in front of the boob tube, for all I’ve accomplished lately. But I know I’ll eventually get past this fallow time and get back on track.

In the meantime, I can dream about all the shows I could watch instead of writing:

  • Continue getting through The Walking Dead (TNT).  I began watching this past summer, and I’m currently mid-fifth season; Rick and Co. have just arrived at Alexandria, and though it’s a much-needed respite for the shell-shocked group, inevitably it won’t last. I’m aware that the much-hated Negan is out there with his barbed-wire baseball bat Lucille, and who he kills with it. It’s just going to get darker and darker for these people, and time will tell if I will be able to sit back and watch this train wreck. But I can’t abandon them now.
  • rick-wd
  • Grimm (NBC) comes back in January for its 6th, but alas, last season. Apparently its ratings haven’t been enough for the network to keep it around, and it’s been cancelled. It’s been given a 13-episode run to tie up the plot lines, and it will be interesting to see how they manage to do this. My question is, how in the world will I get by without
  • dg-grimm


Not to mention: Monrosalee! Wu’s one-liners! Crazy, icky creatures! It’s just a fun, entertaining show that I’ll miss.

  • Game of Thrones (HBO) won’t be back until April for its usual 12-episode run, its 7th and supposedly penultimate season. In this list of boy’s club shows, I’m gratified that the two most powerful people in this one are women (among many strong female characters). It’s the War of the Queens, and I can’t wait to see it play out.
  • got-war-of-queens

After that, I may be in a show hole, and I might just check out:

  • Sherlock (BBC America). There’s something immensely appealing about Benedict Cumberbatch, and this Sherlock Holmes update looks slick and quirky. And I’ll always love Martin Freeman, thanks to the Hobbit movies.
  • Nano Hobbit
  • Taboo (FX). I’ve admired Tom Hardy since Mad Max: Fury Road, and most everything he’s involved in turns out exceptional. He produces and stars in this show, and I’ve seen tantalizing trailers, though I’m still unsure of what it’s all about. Something about a kind of prodigal son returning from some exotic land to 1800’s London to continue his family’s shipping business, but there’s all kinds of deceit, murder and mayhem. Whatever-it’s Tom Hardy!
  • taboo-tom-hardy
  • There’s also other shows of interest I’ve mentioned before: Once Upon a Time, Vikings, Downton Abbey. Maybe someday…oh, I could so easily get sucked in if I didn’t keep up my writing nerve. I don’t know if I could ever write stories as compelling as these, but they inspire me to try, at least, and are there to fill the well when it’s feeling a bit empty.

Do you watch any of these shows? What’s on your fantasy couch potato list?


5 thoughts on “I Dream of TV

    1. Ooh, a fellow Grimmster. Which one? Adalind or Juliet? I’ve always liked Adalind, even when she was evil, but I could never warm up to Juliet. Doesn’t look good for Adalind, but looks like Juliet is coming back from her stint as Eve. I’m also very disappointed in Sean’s defection to Black Claw.

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