List Lover


Lately, my writing has gone inward. All I want to do right now is to write in my journal, to reconnect to and renew my commitment to the first kind of writing I ever did. And that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months, with all thoughts of fiction-writing (or essays or memoir or blogging) seemingly out the window. And that’s okay. But I have to say, I have missed blogging. Blogging is a kind of digital diary, and I don’t want to let it go completely.

In keeping with the personal journalling theme of my life right now, and since I’m such a lover of lists, I decided to try to post a top ten list once a week or so. The lists could be just about anything, but I’ll try to make it interesting. Feel free to list your own answers in the comments; this could be fun!

Here’s my first list:

List ten reasons you write (or draw or paint or play music, or whatever art form you pursue).

  1. I love stories (fictional or personal) and love to tell my own in writing.
  2. It makes me feel like I have a voice (I often feel like no one listens to me).
  3. I was the quiet kid (and adult, too).
  4. I’m better at writing than speaking.
  5. It’s my form of immortality.
  6. I can live vicariously through my characters.
  7. It’s the shy person’s alternative to acting.
  8. I have a compulsion to fill blank lines.
  9. Whole worlds live inside me.
  10. It’s a good excuse to sit in cafes and sip coffee.

Why do you do the thing you love?


2 thoughts on “List Lover

  1. Tina, your post resonates with me on several points. First the lists. Lists, of any sort, fascinate me. Not very long ago, I found someone’s grocery list lying on the asphalt, just as I was getting into my truck. I picked it up and couldn’t stop reading the thing. It’s an interesting window into a life. If I happen upon a list of books I’m even more fascinated. Or a list of “to do” things. The irony of it all is that I never make lists of my own. Hmmm, I can’t say why.

    I understand completely the inward move for your writing. I’ve been off blogging for nearly six months. I’ve posted a few times, but that’s it. I read and comment, but I haven’t gotten totally back into writing blog posts. I’m hoping Spring will bring about a resurgence. I don’t know. But I think such pauses are good. Clear the air sort of thing. And yes, blogging is indeed a digital diary, as you say. It’s an automatic record of your thoughts and ideas. So, hey after ten years you have yourself a hefty book!

    Your list is amazing: #4 definitely made me sit up. It reminds me of my own attitude towards fiction writing. I was a university prof for many years, hence I wrote literary papers most of which I read at conferences. But I never enjoyed research. I have always felt that my fiction writing is much better than my research writing. And then #5 I am with you one hundred and ten percent. My writing is what I’ll leave behind, my legacy. As you say, “it is my form of immortality.” Couldn’t agree more. And #9 is a great definition of being a creative human–very well said. I think my writing is in part my own desire to tell a good story and also a desire to give this other inner world expression, to let others know. I think that is so so important.

    I just celebrated…well, not so much celebrated, but tolerated my seven o birthday this past December. I figure I have at twenty-five more years to write…maybe more! So, it’s what I’m going to do. Thank you for this marvelous post. I enjoyed it.

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  2. Thanks, Paul. And Happy Birthday! I, too, have just been “lurking around” on WordPress, reading and occasionally commenting. I needed a break, but this list idea seems fairly stress-free and fun. Thanks for the lengthy, insightful comment. I’ve missed your posts!


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