My Work


The Birth of Courage, published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible, October 2015. This is a nonfiction piece concerning my daughter’s diagnosis of spina bifida.


Short Stories on the blog:

The Hungry. A little boy deals with monsters in the basement.

Secret Room. An artist becomes obsessed with a locked door in her new home.

The Memory of Oranges. An abused woman discovers she can leave her body.

Clean. A young widow is haunted by her husband’s suicide.

Shiny Pretty Things. Thirteen year-old Ruby discovers her true nature after a terrible accident at school and a visit from a mysterious stranger.

Plugged In. Computer implantation is mandatory in Rose Green’s world. But she has other ideas how she wants to live her life.

Hera’s Milk. Kate stops at a bed and breakfast to end her life, where a child ghost takes an interest in her.

Mine. A woman grieves the disappearance of her child. An alien story that’s not about the aliens.

Dark Fens of Cedar (1). This is a longer short story which I’ve broken up into five parts. Hannah is a poet and graduate student researching a nineteenth century Romantic poet for her thesis. A strange rock and dreams of the poet’s wife Annie leads Hannah to discover a profound link between them that will change her life.